•  5/24/2024 10:55 AM

Herewith our latest Newsletter

  •  11/16/2023 10:20 AM

True Wild and Audubon Canyon Ranch collaborated recently to make a helpful guide for pet and livestock owners living in mountain lion habitat in the North Bay. The guide is available here. Please send it on to anyone you know who keeps livestock. A quick way to see if you live in mountain lion habitat in Northern California is to look at a satellite map and see if your property shows up with dark green connected to other areas of dark green. This gives an indication of habitat with cover, which mountain lions select for. Always feel free to reach out to Quinton on 707 721 6560 with any mountain lion related questions or for free advise on how to improve your livestock protection measures. Co-existence with wildlife is key to a healthy ecosystem which sustains us all.

  •  5/4/2023 01:10 PM

The P36 story...these feet were made for walking!

  •  3/27/2023 12:56 PM

P36 visits the Golden Gate Bridge and turned around - the South Bay is not for him!

  •  3/9/2023 10:40 AM

February has been an unbelievably busy and productive month! A few key outcomes this month the recapture and collaring of both P4 and P36.

  •  3/9/2023 10:39 AM

It's a Cat eat Cat world out there...

  •  9/26/2022 03:19 PM

Bushwhacking on the trail of a mountain lion