29 Sep

We were able to get some incredible video footage on trail cameras this month that were placed at the den site of the collared mountain lion, P39. We knew from the GPS data pattern that she was denning and went in while mom was away. We placed the motion-sensor activated video cameras at the den site. Two weeks later we were able to retrieve these cameras and place them at the second den site. Mountain lions move their kittens to a new den site every couple of weeks. We now have footage from both sites, when the kittens were 2 weeks old and then when they were 4 weeks old. Watch these two video compilations to see how they interact, what a dedicated and patient mother she is, and how they develop in just a couple of weeks. 

Mountain lion mom, P39, returns to her 3 kittens after 36 hours absence out hunting and patrolling her territory. They are just two weeks old. (True Wild/Audubon Canyon Ranch)

P39 returns to the kittens at their second den site, again after a long walkabout. The kittens are getting playful! (True Wild/Audubon Canyon Ranch)