There are many ways to get involved:

  • Join us for an incredible safari to Africa;

  • Ask us for help with your mountain lion concerns;

  • Join an ecologist to track wildlife in a local park;

  • Consult with us on how to manage your property in a way that is more wildlife friendly and in tune with nature;

  • Join us for a seminar on top predators and their role in conservation;

  • Invest in our selection of conservation concepts;

  • Learn about African wildlife and innovative conservation;

  • Contact us for education material on local wildlife;

  • Have us conduct a comprehensive wildlife survey on your property;

  • Purchase our 'Lions Live Here' yard sign;

  • Invite us to host your puma-themed dinner party;

  • Or how about viewing pumas in Patagonia?

If any these opportunities interest you, contact us.