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At True Wild we are passionate about nature.

Everything True Wild does is designed to improve people's relationships with nature and encourage action to conserve our natural home.

Join us for personal experiences and help us change our world.
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There are many ways to get involved:

  • Join us for an incredible safari to Africa;

  • Ask us for help with your mountain lion concerns;

  • Join an ecologist to track wildlife in a local park;

  • Consult with us on how to manage your property in a way that is more wildlife friendly and in tune with nature;

  • Join us for a seminar on top predators and their role in conservation;

  • Invest in our selection of conservation concepts;

  • Learn about African wildlife and innovative conservation;

  • Contact us for education material on local wildlife;

  • Have us conduct a comprehensive wildlife survey on your property;

  • Purchase our 'Lions Live Here' yard sign;

  • Invite us to host your puma-themed dinner party;

  • Or how about viewing pumas in Patagonia?

If any these opportunities interest you, contact us.

Dr. Quinton Martins

Partner, Predator Expert and Safari Advisor

Quinton is a passionate conservationist from South Africa who has dedicated over 25 years to wildlife, as a professional safari guide in Africa and a scientist specialising in big cat research. He is True Wild’s safari advisor and one of our expert group leaders.

Liz Martins


Liz is a passionate environmental educator with a background in Waldorf teaching in South Africa. She loves bringing people into better connection with nature. A True Wild partner, she manages the business and does specialist guiding for family groups.

Neil Martin


Neil, electrical engineer by training, was a director at Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies and Keysight Technologies. He has over 30 years experience in sales, business management and marketing which he brings to True Wild as its marketing and business partner.


CALL US IF: You lose livestock or pets to predators You have a mountain lion encounter You are concerned about living with mountain lions

  •  3/9/2023 08:44 AM

The Living with Lions Project was established in the San Francisco North Bay in 2016 and is a partnership between True Wild and Audubon Canyon Ranch (ACR). True Wild also partners with The Institute of Wildlife Studies and Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue. Dr. Quinton Martins is managing partner of True Wild and the Principal Investigator of the Living with Lions Project.

  •  12/14/2021 03:30 PM

Learn about what the GPS collared mountain lions in the Living with Lions study have been up.

  •  4/30/2021 11:55 AM

True Wild Publications

True Wild was created to have a significant conservation impact. One way we believe this is possible is connecting people to nature.

We offer tailored nature hikes locally.

We find unique and meaningful experiences that are connected to conserving our natural heritage, so contact us if you are interested in finding out more about what we have to offer.
Come to the True Wild Visitor Center to learn more about local wildlife, particularly the lives of mountain lions as revealed by the ACR Living with Lions Project.

Arrange a private presentation on Mountain Lions or attend one of our open-house talks.

True Wild is actively involved in community outreach in support of landowners who have issues with mountain lions and other predators, to help put solutions in place to protect livestock effectively and benefit all involved. This work is supported by Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, who can be contracted to deal with any wildlife issues around the house or property through their effective Wildlife Exclusion Service.

True Wild is connected to various conservation and wildlife research projects and we would love to connect you with opportunities to engage with these projects. 
A True Wild Safari is not a generic experience you will find elsewhere. Each safari is carefully thought out with your interests and budget taken into consideration.

We have been doing safaris since 1993 and have an intimate understanding of what an authentic experience should be. We share our insight with you into how best to orchestrate this journey to make it as special as possible.

Most of the safaris we do have a True Wild group leader with you to enhance your experience and ensure you have a smooth and trouble-free trip. Our group leaders are often local California ecologists or biologists who have in-depth knowledge about our environment so can give you a deeper understanding of your African safari in a broader context.

Find out more here
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  • African Jewelry

  • South African beadwork

 707 721 6560

You lose livestock or pets to predators
You have a mountain lion encounter
You are concerned about living with mountain lions
You find a fresh mountain lion kill

This service is sponsored by Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue.
  • True Wild Visitor Center, 13875 Highway 12, Glen Ellen, CA, USA
  • P.O.Box 905, Glen Ellen, CA 95442

  •  5/24/2024 10:55 AM

Herewith our latest Newsletter

  •  11/16/2023 10:20 AM

True Wild and Audubon Canyon Ranch collaborated recently to make a helpful guide for pet and livestock owners living in mountain lion habitat in the North Bay. The guide is available here. Please send it on to anyone you know who keeps livestock. A quick way to see if you live in mountain lion habitat in Northern California is to look at a satellite map and see if your property shows up with dark green connected to other areas of dark green. This gives an indication of habitat with cover, which mountain lions select for. Always feel free to reach out to Quinton on 707 721 6560 with any mountain lion related questions or for free advise on how to improve your livestock protection measures. Co-existence with wildlife is key to a healthy ecosystem which sustains us all.

  •  5/4/2023 01:10 PM

The P36 story...these feet were made for walking!

  •  3/27/2023 12:56 PM

P36 visits the Golden Gate Bridge and turned around - the South Bay is not for him!

  •  3/9/2023 10:40 AM

February has been an unbelievably busy and productive month! A few key outcomes this month the recapture and collaring of both P4 and P36.

  •  3/9/2023 10:39 AM

It's a Cat eat Cat world out there...

  •  9/26/2022 03:19 PM

Bushwhacking on the trail of a mountain lion


Valley of the Moon Lion Update

The Kenwood Press provides an update on all the latest mountain lion activity from ACR's Living with Lions Project, research conducted by Quinton Martins. Find out about your local lions - who has new GPS collars, who has cubs and who have been interacting with each other.

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Mountain Lion Experts settle into New Den

The Sonoma Index-Tribune interviews Quinton and Liz Martins about their plans for True Wild and their new Visitor's Center due to open in July at 13875 Highway 12, Glen Ellen, opposite the Sonoma Valley Regional Park.

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